How to Find the Best Women’s Basketball Shoes

best basketball shoes for womenBasketball is one of the world’s most popular sports. This means that boys, girls, men and women all play the game.

However, if you’re a woman trying to find the right shoes, chances are you’ll struggle. There have been many highs – but also many lows when it comes to brand names releasing women basketball shoes.Most of the variety seems to be in the men’s section and sometimes sizes are not even available. To be honest, most of the options offered are bizarre brands that you’ve probably never heard of either.

This leads to players wearing all types of shoes in the court which may not be specific to basketball.

This is something you should not do. Wearing the wrong type of shoes without the right amount of ankle support can lead to injuries as well as pain which may become persistent if you are an avid player.

Although there really aren’t too many shoes out there to choose from, we’ve done the research to teach you how to find the best basketball shoes for women.

The Best Women’s Basketball Shoes

Men’s SizeWomen’s Size
3 5

The trick? Yeah you’ve probably guessed it. Find the corresponding men’s size and buy a men’s basketball shoe.

While there are dedicated women’s basketball shoes (see Nike’s Air Force 1s, Nike’s Hyperdunk 2017, and the adidas Pro Model Zero) – there simply just aren’t enough options out there on the market.

What are the reasons?

Naturally, a lot of women may not like the idea of wearing men’s shoes… or in the alternative, there are a lot of women who already wear men’s shoes.

Why is this a seemingly a necessity for basketball shoes?

There are an absolute abundance of basketball shoes made for men, and an absolute abundance of sizes available. That makes it so much easier for women to decide what basketball shoe they want – and because of the competition between these high profile brands, you can be assured of quality.

In order to find the top basketball shoes for women, without considering alternative shoes, you are seriously constricted.

Signature shoes often only come in male sizes. Many female players may want to wear the signature shoes of their favourite player – and whether it be Kobe, Kyrie, LeBron or Curry – simply converting the size opens up this avenue.

As seen in this table, women can find their shoe size for men by subtracting 2 from their own size. Wear an 8? Buy a size 6 male shoe size.

What Factors Should I Also Consider?

Your budget

It’s safe to say that your budget is the main factor that determines which limits the shoes you can buy. The higher ended brands are no doubt more expensive. When buying a signature shoe, expect to pay top dollar.

A nice trick when on a tight budget is to find last year’s model. Typically, there isn’t too much of a difference in technology between years. If you like the design of the prior year, buying it instead of the most current model could save you a tonne of cash.

Where You Play

Whether you play the game indoors or outdoors is fundamental to determine what type of shoes would be right for you. Playing outdoors requires a durable and sturdy shoe that ensures that in the rough and tough of the outdoor elements, will survive for longer than one session. Tips to finding the best outdoor basketball shoes (although dedicated to male shoes) can also be found on our website.

On the other hand, when playing indoors, it’s so important to have shoes that offer maximum grip and traction to make sure you always have full control of your feet. A major slip up could cause serious injury. Decide where you play the most basketball – and pick your shoe accordingly.

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