Best Basketball Socks [Caring for your Feet]

best basketball socksIt’s not something that most players put high on their list of things to buy.

And to be fair, it’s not surprising.

Most people think that any old sock will work when balling – and it’s not like it’s going to hurt to wear any sock under your basketball shoes.

However, wearing dedicated basketball socks is a completely different ball game.

Comfort, breathability, varying lengths and comfort while balling are just some of the reasons why any serious player should get some dedicated socks.

In this guide, we look to the best basketball socks in the current market – highlighting their strengths and flaws.

Naturally, price and performance are key – but when talking player equipment – durability will always reign supreme.

We look for great value for money, and socks that will make you feel happy that you took the time to buy them.

What are the Best Basketball Socks?

Nike Elite Versatility

5 out of 5 stars
  • Editor's Choice - made by the best, and made to last
  • Good compression, high performance, and contours that match your feet. These are seriously good basketball socks
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Hxst Dri-fit Cushion

4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Comes in a pack of three, and extremely affordable for what it provides
  • Lightweight and does a great job at keeping feet dry.
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Armour Drive

4 out of 5 stars
  • Actively disperses sweat whilst providing awesome support all around your feet.
  • A very thin sports sock which is ideal for ankle braces, but only sold in singles
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ChalkTalkSports Socks

3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Awesome designs - you can be assured that you'll find something that suits you at a very affordable price
  • Not the best performer when balling, and has potential durability issues
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In Depth

Nike Elite Versatility Basketball Socks

Integrating a multi-purpose design incorporating cotton, spandex, nylon and polyester, the Nike Elite Versatility Crew socks are meticulously manufactured and offer 360 degree support around the ankle.

There is no doubt that this is not an everyday sock. Nike have created a sock here that is specially designated for sports use.

Added cushioning in the heel and toe emphasize a softer feel, and traction is flawless with ribbed grooves that secure themselves to the inside of shoes.

The Dri-fit structure exemplifies its ability to keep feet cool with high stress zones that are ventilated.

The footbed is stable to account for the excessive amount of jumping required when playing basketball. These are raised slightly higher in the back to make certain they never fall down during running.

However, although the contours of the socks are awesome for traction, because of it’s uneven surface, it may take some time to get used to. This is definitely a factor to consider before purchasing them.

These socks cater to strenuous activity and long-term exercise. And because of this, the Nike Crews are very tight.

If you are seeking a more breathable sock that doesn’t offer so much compression, alternative brands on this list might be better.

For us, however, these socks are our top choice, and as a huge bonus – there are so many colours to choose from.


  • An elite basketball sock that isn’t out of budget
  • Made to last, and made for long term balling
  • Well ventilated and comfortable


  • Contoured bottom will take time getting used to
  • High amount of compression could deter some people

Hxst Dri-fit Cushion Basketball Socks

With the toe and heel reinforcment for durability and comfort, the Hxst Dri-fit socks are a solid addition to any athletic gear ensemble.

Keeping feet dry and cool during a game are hugely important for basketball players, and the Dri-fit technology the Hxst pairs integrate absorb the sweat from a person’s feet.

Half-cushion terry material is optimal for this during a basketball game. Moreover, the cotton blend socks are light in weight.

An underrated aspect of the cushions are that they are specific to the left and right foot, creating a more conformed fit.  Further, the midfoot compression is valuable in properly securing the sock during mobility to avoid slippage.

In addition, each pack comes with 3 different pairs, and 3 distinct designs per pair, allowing for fluent adaptability.

The spectrum of colors for the socks also suit several styles and fit in nicely on any court with blue, black and white making up one set and yellow, black and red making up the other.

Though very commendable in their abilities, at the end of the day the Hxst Cushion socks aim to be a solution for those who do not want to pay for the big brand and their large prices.

In saying that, Hxst don’t let down on performance. However, if the ‘swoosh’ on the side of the sock is important to you, it is recommended to move on from this pair


  • Light in weight, and stays very dry
  • An extremely affordable option
  • Comes in a pack of 3


  • Not as well made as the top tier brands

Under Armour Drive Basketball Sock

When looking to the Under Armour Drive, innovation is very clear in their construction. Padding is placed strategically, with support provided without the added bulk.

Mixing science and practicality, the Under Armour socks are diligent in providing stability around the toes, feet, and ankle with select cushions. It does a particularly good job at dealing with foot blisters.

The cushions are breathable and high in density to withstand force from movement and jumping with ease.

Designed with fabric that is HeatGear, it actively draws sweat away from the surface of your feet to encourage dryness.

As a benefit, the sock is not nearly as thick as its competitors. Not only does this fit nicely into a pair of sneakers, but also makes them less susceptible to sweat distribution.

ArmourBlock is technology in the socks’ construction that wards off bacteria that cause foul odours. With over 15 colour choices to select from, these are some ample crew socks for anyone looking for a good pair of basketball socks.

Furthermore, the basketball socks are not overly long up the leg, something that is beneficial for those simply looking for both an athletic and every day sock.

Whilst efficient on the court, using it as an everyday sock can seem prickly and tough.

We note that these socks need to be paid attention to while washing. Read the washing instructions – failure to do so can potentially see shrinkage.


  • Another sock that keeps your feet dry
  • Awesome stability at every part of your foot


  • Susceptible to shrinkage
  • Sold in singles

ChalkTalkSPORTS Basketball Sock

Not only are the ChalkTalkSPORTS socks designed for use during basketball, they physically embody it in their aesthetics. Each ChalkTalkSPORTS sock has an image that depicts basketball in some way, shape or form.

These are definitely the most stylish on our list of best basketball socks.

Get the design with the basketball stencil. Alternatively, there are 8 different pair choices have the word ‘Basketball’ emblazoned on them as well as a stencil-like image of a jump shooter on the back of them.

Or why not surprise someone by getting your own custom number?

The fabric used for the socks is ultra spun and promotes a soft, comfortable surface area ideal for moving up and down the court. We note that up to 80% of the sock is made with acrylic.

Further, the crew length is reasonable on the leg and the nylon and polyester in its knitting make them dry at a quicker rate after use.

The technology behind the ChalkTalkSPORTS merges moisture wicking and air circulation, giving them the upper hand in sweat eradication.

However, coming at a very decent price range, the workmanship can be a little suspect on these crews. with the most common problem becoming tiny holes, either from repeated use or harsh washer and dryers.

The comfy, delicate feel on the foot from these units is superb. But because of this softness, it often lacks the proper reinforcement to ensure the heels don’t get worn out eventually.


  • So many designs to choose from – they really stand out
  • Very soft on your feet, and extremely comfortable
  • Great for air circulation


  • Not the most durable pair when balling
  • Small holes do tend to pop up over time



When in the market for sports socks, keep aware that there are a large amount of materials that are typically used. This includes mixes of cotton, polyester, and nylon just to name a few.

You might think that the best out there is cotton. I mean, after all, cotton is usually known to be super comfortable.

However, cotton absorbs sweat, takes ages to dry, and doesn’t ventilate that well when playing basketball.

Having a mixture of materials within your basketball socks, including nylon and polyester, help wick sweat away and keep your feet dry throughout.

Other materials such as elastane will do exactly as you think it would. It adds an extra amount of stretch and give to the sock. Usually this will add slight compression which aids the sock from slipping down to your toes during a game.


This is awfully straightforward – buy the right size.

No point buying something too big. It’s just going to slip off.

No point buying something too small. It will restrict your blood flow and it’s going to feel like you’re playing barefoot on shards of glass.

Don’t think that just because you’re buying sports socks that they’ll be a perfect match for you no matter the size.


The final factor that you should keep in mind is the length of sock you’re after.

Typically, basketball socks are split into three sizes – Low, Mid and Crew.

Crew is probably the most purchased size for ballers. It offers decent compression going up the leg, and is easy to fix if it slides at all.

Further, crew is a fantastic option especially where you have an ankle brace. It will avoid unnecessary friction.

Of course – it’s best go with what you’re comfortable with.

Final Words and Recommendation

Because socks must accommodate feet of all shapes and sizes as well as countless different personality types, the best choice is the one that lets you experience comfort and satisfaction.

This can come in the form of their appearance, or by the way it feels while you play your game.

No one pair will improve your free throw percentage, but they can give you an edge in endurance when they are getting rid of sweat and guaranteeing that your feet are on a supported surface so no cramping occurs.

Overall, Nike is at the forefront of this niche for a reason.

The Elite Versatility socks are successful in ventilation, traction and support around the ankle, all three of which are directly related to positive performance during basketball.

While some brands are only casually in line with the sport, the Elite’s are specialized for them and put a great deal of thought in how to put players at ease.

If, however, you have another opinion, or just want to get in touch – feel free to do so. Hit us up on Facebook or comment down below.

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