The Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet [Updated]

best basketball shoes for wide feetThere is an abundance of options that just keeps growing year on year, with the technology behind the shoe ever evolving.

Obviously, this makes finding the perfect shoe seemingly impossible in a normal circumstance. What’s worse? Finding a suitable shoe if you’ve got wide feet.

When it comes to basketball shoes, newer versions of the shoes that come into the market tend to run a bit narrow. This restricts the feet, but most importantly, will no doubt cause discomfort and pain for people with wide feet.

In this guide, we’ve hunted down what the best basketball shoes for wide feet are.

We base our decisions on the performance of the shoe, and durability offered. Most importantly though, we look to the characteristics and comfort of the shoe to accomodate for people with wider feet.

Comparison Table

Crazy Explosive PK

5 out of 5 stars
  • Editor's Choice - Extremely comfortable, durable, and fantastic for wide footed players
  • The cushioning is immaculate and responsive - this could seriously be the best shoe in 2017
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Air Jordan XXXI

4.8 out of 5 stars
  • An all time classic shoe that offers a great balance of performance and support
  • Uses the extremely flexible Flyweave to mould to wider feet
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D Rose 7

4.5 out of 5 stars
  • The most durable on this list - long lasting and will easily last at least one season
  • Extremely bouncy cushion aids feet pains caused by narrow shoes, but feels a bit bulky
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Nike Hyperdunk 2017

4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Insanely popular line of shoes, with quality that lives up to the stature
  • Cushioning and support, whilst there, are a bit overrated. Excels in the traction department
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4 out of 5 stars
  • Affordable, stylish and durable. These are fantastic shoes without the price tag
  • Bounce cushioning is fantastic upon impact. A serious contender.
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The Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit

These are another fantastic pair of shoes from adidas. The Crazy Explosive shoe has not only been extremely popular, but its high quality has seen us  picked it as our best outdoor basketball shoe already!

Durability is a huge factor here – whilst providing amazing comfort for both wide and narrow feet. These have enough space for movement on the inside of the shoe, yet it provides a secure and tight grip to the feet keeping them protected. Adaptive, and ultra light. 

As already stated in our other review, the Crazy Explosive shoes come with adidas Boost responsive cushioning. A soft TPU cage around the inside to provide lateral support. This is the most comfortable cushioning you can expect in a basketball shoe. Brilliant.

Finally, the traction you get from these shoes are arguably the best on the market. Whether it’s a hardwood or plastic court, these shoes will give you absolutely total control over your feet. The tread does look a bit crazy – but the results show.

If you’re looking for something for outdoors, do not go for the Primeknit version. Opt for the synthetic version. But if you want the absolute best basketball shoe for wide feet, and even normal sized feet in this current market, you simply cannot go past the highly rated adidas Crazy Explosive PK.


  • adidas Boost provides unbelievably good cushioning
  • Fits nice and snug
  • Traction is second to none
  • Flywire cables helps to prevent risk to ankle injuries


  • Primeknit isn’t suited for outdoor play – but the synthetic option is great

Nike Air Jordan XXXI

When it comes to basketball shoes, everyone knows about Nike. They’re well known, they make high quality shoes, and they’ve been around since forever.

Nike have not let themselves down with these Air Jordan XXXI’s.

First up, these are highly durable, have awesome traction and are just generally comfortable shoes to play basketball in. It doesn’t matter if you have wide feet, narrow feet, or just sensitive feet – these are a great pair of shoes.

This is a guide about wide feet though, so that’s what we’ll talk about.

The shoe is made with an extremely flexible Flyweave material that joins seamlessly with the rubber sole of the shoe. Flyweave is extremely malleable – comfortable and will mould to wide feet amazingly. Your feet will move naturally, and won’t feel squeezed.

To add to this, you can be assured of support as well. There is an inner sleeve within the shoe which moulds to the shape of your feet. Flywire wraps around your midfeet to ensure your feet do not move about within the shoe during quick transitions and cuts.

It will feel like the shoes are a personalised fit, and your feet will entirely remain supported.

Although it’s expensive, this is an investment any baller should make. A great basketball shoe for people with wide feet. A definite recommendation.


  • Flight-speed technology distributes the force of impact all over the feet
  • An extremely snug fit
  • Durability from the solid rubber outsole
  • Flywire cables helps to prevent risk to ankle injuries


  • On the pricier side of shoes
  • Doesn’t perform well outdoors

adidas D Rose 7 PrimeKnit

In this case, adidas’s high quality collaboration with Derrick Rose has seen the 7th iteration, the adidas D Rose 7, a prime contender for best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Like most shoes on this list, the D Rose 7s are extremely durable and long lasting – designed to last longer than just 1 regular season. This is due to the high quality premium material and technology that adidas use to create these shoes.

Comfort is also extremely high here. They’re padded with an extremely bouncy cushion that not only moulds to your feet, but also provides comfort during play. Where existing feet pain exists, customers have reported that changing to the D Rose 7s has seen feet pain slowly decrease over time.

Like always, when searching for a shoe to fit a wider feet – aim for the flexibility that the Primeknit option offers.

adidas’s Prime knit isn’t just flexible to fit a larger sized foot, but it’s also extremely breathable. The moulded collar ensures that flexibility of the Prime knit does not get in the way of support.

This is definitely one adidas’s best options for wide feet, and should be taken into serious consideration.


  • Really comfortable shoes that offer great support
  • Durability to last
  • Ankle collar to support from ankle rolls


  • Feels a little bit bulky and heavy

Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit

These are arguably some of Nike’s most popular basketball shoes, offering a fantastic option for people looking for a good basketball shoe for wide feet.

The 2016 model was insanely popular. The 2017 Hyperdunk are no different. hey continue on the range of high quality shoes, made with premium materials for a, well… premium price.

As seen in a whole heap of professional reviews, the biggest stand out feature of the 2017 Hyperdunks is the fantastic traction that it has. Predominantly suited for indoor courts, these will allow you to stop on a dime – ensuring full control of your feet.

The Flyknit material is exactly as you’d expect – it’s extremely comfortable, breathable. Nike’s very best shoes are made with this stuff.

The shoe is also equipped with a full-length cushioning that Nike promote as ‘react cushioning’ to react to your movements. Whilst the cushion is definitely there, and offers pretty good support upon impact, it’s not the most comfortable shoe on this list.

Further, these have had no real complaints in the width department. They’re flexible enough to accomodate wide feet, running true to size. This is another great option for wide footed ballers.


  • Flyknit is super comfortable
  • Traction seems impossible to beat
  • Fits true to size for wide feet


  • Not the most durable shoe on this list
  • Not the greatest overall support

adidas DAME 4

Another in the range of Damian Lillard shoes – the fourth iteration, the DAME 4 are not only fantastic shoes, but a great affordable option for players with wide feet.

We understand that a few people may opt for the older DAME 3. It’s cheaper, and proven. However, as we look for shoes to accomodate wide feet, we feel the DAME 4’s slightly beat the DAME 3’s. It’s lighter and feels more accomodating for wider feet.

The mesh fabric (albeit synthetic) is the main adaptive factor that makes the shoes extremely comfortable for players with wider feet. The blade traction also provides a great pattern of traction that ensures minimal slipping. Dust will build up, so make sure you wide them down after every use.

The Bounce cushioning is absolutely ideal for basketball. It’s not only extremely comfortable, but keeps you nimble and quick when making quick movements. Ideal for rebounds and layups as well. And at this price point, it’s arguably the most comfortable shoes you’ll get.

An extremely lightweight option, affordable, fits well for wider feet and one of adidas’s great lines of basketball shoes – the DAME 4 just could not be left out of this list.


  • Cushion and padding provides comfortable fit
  • A very affordable signature sneaker
  • Bouncy sole makes it ideal for basketball


  • Rubber burns out fast playing outdoors

Factors to Consider

As always, buying new shoes means that there are a multitude of things you’ll need to take into consideration. These act as pointers to make sure you remember everything you need to consider. Think of it as helpful hints.


Probably something we didn’t really need to bring up. After all, the money’s coming out of your own wallet.

But as expected, there are a multitude of basketball shoes available at a whole heap of price ranges. If you feel priced out of an option, we can assure there’s something at a cheaper range. If not, why not go for last years model? Most of them hold up extremely well and are reduced to clear.


When looking for basketball shoes for wide feet, the upper material is arguably the most important part. As you’ve noticed on this list, the upper is either Primeknit, Flyweave, or some form of soft mesh.

Although basketball shoes tend to fit true to size, having material that is softer will not only be more comfortable, but much more adaptive to wider feet. Any soft padding or internal cushioning is a bonus for overall comfort. Accordingly, woven and knitted materials often stand out.


When choosing to buy basketball shoes for wide footers, support is important. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter what size your foot is – support is always important. Ankle and foot injuries are always common with basketball. If you don’t have a a dedicated ankle brace, or shoe dedicated to ankle support – aim to find shoes with the best lateral and ankle support.

It’s the same thing with traction. Opt for a shoe with excellent traction to avoid foot rolls and slipping. All shoes on this list are excellent in these categories. But, if you’re still in doubt, check out the rubber patterns underneath a shoe to get an idea for yourself.

Other Factors

Of course, there are a whole heap of minor factors that only you’ll know to take into consideration. For example, a mate of yours may suggest a bestselling basketball shoe for wide feet, and stand by that recommendation. Contrastingly,  you may find it as the most uncomfortable shoe ever.

Or you may simply find it bad looking.

It ultimately comes down to trying the shoe and deciding on how you think the shoe is when it’s actually on you. For us, however, durability, performance and price are always the three factors you should consider as the most important in any decision.

Final Words and Recommendation

This is our list of best basketball shoes for wide footers – based on the performance factors and comfort levels offered by the shoes.

As we have stated, we simply cannot go past the adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit option.

It’s adaptive to wider feet, extremely comfortable, performs exceptionally – and it’s a range of shoes that has people coming back to adidas time and time again.

Obviously, not every shoe is going to fit every one perfectly.

Best option is to actually try the shoe on and decide for yourself. This is especially if your feet are wider, or different from the norm in any way.

Have a different opinion? Want to leave a comment? Have we missed out on any basketball shoe that should be on this list? Let us know!

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