Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet and Heel Pain

best basketball shoes for flat feetWithout a doubt, a lot of basketball players face the problem of finding the right shoe for their feet.

Whether extra ankle support is needed, or you simply have wider than usual feet, if the shoes are not right, then pains tend to arise during play. If not dealt with properly, these pains can become permanent issues.

In this guide, we look to find the best basketball shoes for flat feet, whilst dealing with shoes that can aid heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

The shoes that stand out in this guide are ones that offer supreme support and comfort. Durability must also be prominent due to the tendency for people with fallen arches to wear away at their shoes faster.

Minimising the possibilities for pain and injuries must always be considered when looking for basketball shoes for flat feet. This is especially the case due to the extreme stress that your feet and ankles go into during basketball.

Below are what we consider to be the top 5 options based on price, durability, comfort, and most importantly, support.

Comparison Table

Crazy Explosive PK

5 out of 5 stars
  • Editor's Choice - Comfortable, durable, supportive
  • Will suit wide feet, narrow feet, but most importantly, the best option for flat feet and fallen arches
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4.8 out of 5 stars
  • A great shoe that offers fantastic cushioning and support
  • Affordable - serious value for money here for a signature shoe
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Nike KDX

4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Pricier option on this list, but these shoes ooze class and quality
  • In terms of comfort and cushioning, KDXs have improved upon the KD9s
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Crazylight Boost

4 out of 5 stars
  • Cheap as chips due to them being an older model
  • The best on here for traction and stability, but is only a low top so may require further ankle support
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Nike Hyperdunk 2016

4 out of 5 stars
  • Another model that's slightly older, but one of the best sellers on Amazon
  • The right balance of support and cushioning - and extremely versatile for both indoors and outdoors
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The Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit

These are absolutely some of the best shoes that adidas have released. The adidas Crazy Explosive, whether it’s in Primeknit form or synthetic form, are absolute beasts.

Extremely popular with customers, and constantly on our best-of lists.

What stands out about these shoes, especially for people with flat feet or fallen arches, is the support provided. As we constantly state, the Crazy Explosive shoes are just so comfortable and supportive. This is due to the adidas Boost responsive cushioning and inside TPU cage providing excellent lateral support. The cushioning is fantastic during play, and will take impact spectacularly. This is a seriously accomodating shoe.

Durability is also great here – and whilst it won’t last as long as other shoes on this list, traction levels tend to stay quite high for a long time. Seemingly the best traction you’ll get from a basketball shoe on the market.

Whether you want the synthetic version (perfect for outdoor play), or the Primeknit version (for all other play), the support and comfort is absolutely provided here for flat footers.


  • The TPU wrap over the midsole offers stability and support
  • Boost cushioning an absolute dream
  • Arguably the best traction from a basketball shoe
  • Extra support on the heels


  • The Primeknit isn’t an outdoor shoe – the synthetic version isn’t as breathable

adidas DAME 4 Shoes

Another great pair of shoes by adidas, and in this particular case – fantastic on the wallet. The DAME 4 is the latest in the Damian Lillard line that constantly outperforms it’s price tag through performance and comfort.

It’s mainly due to the cushioning of these shoes that makes it suitable for people with flat feet. This is from the Bounce cushioning that adidas use with D Lillard basketball shoes. It’s extremely comfortable, comfortable upon impact, but also offers support in the heel and midsole area.

Breathability and traction are both properties you won’t need to worry about at all. These shoes excel in these departments. Naturally, traction patterns tend to burn out faster with flat feet though.

Extremely lightweight, and support in all the right areas. If you’re on a budget, but want an exceptional shoe for fallen arches or heel pain – then you need to have a look at the DAME 4.


  • Plenty of bounce and give in the shoe
  • Extremely comfortable Bounce cushioning
  • Mesh upper fabric allows the feet to breathe and prevents skin irritation and odor


  • Lacks ankle support

Nike KDX (KD 10)

Now onto Nike. As everyone knows, Nike are a superior brand that make premium quality basketball shoes – coming from a long line of collaborations with the most famous of basketball hall of famers.

Here, the shoes named after Kevin Durant, the Nike Zoom KDX, are highly responsive and comfortable shoes that are fantastic for flat feet. These provide enough cushioning and padding around the right areas which helps to prevent the feet from injuries and from soreness.

Breaking it down, the soft and stretchy flyknit material is not only stretchy for comfort, but is snug enough that it ensures your whole foot is supported. This is added with the oversized laces strap that ensures your feet are locked down to the cushioned sole at all times.

The responsive cushioning works really well as well. It requires a little bit of time to break into, and feels a bit harder than the KD9s, but it still does an awesome job on impact. Emphasis is placed in the forefoot of the shoe that aids grip and responsiveness.

Overall, whilst pricier than alternative options on this list, it’s a stand out shoe that won’t let you down if you have flat feet or heel pains.


  • Great traction and grip
  • Hard cushioning, but works extremely well
  • Stretchy, comfortable and breathable


  • Pricier option
  • Overall, the KD9 may be a better option for people without feet issues

adidas Crazylight Boost 2016

Yeah we know. These aren’t the newest shoes. However, if you’re strapped for cash and are looking for extremely comfortable shoes with the required support for your flat feet… then don’t look further than the adidas Crazylight Boost.

These shoes are particularly good when it comes to traction and stability – two things that can only be beneficial to people with flat feet and fallen arches. adidas use their infamous Boost cushioning that we’ve already talked about a heap of times. There is a tonne of cushioning here, and uses Sprintplate technology to provide torsional support.

Further, there’s a back collar insert that provides extra comfort. In conjunction the midsole support is great for people with flat feet. It’s very hard to go wrong here, and you can typically get these shoes for next to nothing.

We will note that the front part of the shoes are slightly wider than usual. This could mean that for the more narrower feet, you will feel a lot of movement at times. Overall though, the stability is exceptional.


  • A lot of cushioning for comfort and stability
  • Back collar cushioning for added support
  • Mid-foot stability


  • Finding the right fit is tricky

Nike Hyperdunk 2016

A classic line of shoes by Nike. You won’t be disappointed by the 2016 Hyperdunk model – some of the highest selling shoes by Amazon.

Importantly, when dealing with pain caused by plantar fasciitis or purely just pain caused by flat feet, the Hyperdunks have the right balance of cushioning to properly support your feet. This is from Nike’s Zoom Air cushioning that responds to the movements of your feet.

As seen in the image, they’re also stable high tops that will offer ankle support as well. Particular support is around the mid-top area. Made with high quality materials, these are shoes that will last.

Whilst they’re not the most comfortable on this list, these shoes are versatile. They’ll do well on both outdoor and indoor surfaces; with traction holding up on all types of courts. A cheap option that should be added to any arsenal – and works great with people with flat feet and fallen arches.


  • Nike Zoom cushioning is extremely responsive
  • Great support right up to your ankles
  • Heaps of styles and colours – a classic line of shoes


  • Collar is pretty narrow so can be annoying to put on
  • Better alternatives for flat feet at similar price points

What Am I Looking For?

The hardest part of finding the good basketball shoes for flat feet is understanding what properties you need to look out for. Simply said, people with flat feet tend to wear away the base of the shoe unevenly, and at a faster rate.

This means that it’s important to find a shoe that has a durable sole.

Further to this, because of the shape of flat feet, to avoid the potential of ever-present pain, comfort and support is another extremely important factor to consider and look out for. Cushioning must be able to mould to the shape of your feet, whilst absorbing the impact that jumping and sharp turns put on your feet.

This will ensure your feet remain comfortable at all times, and the fact that you have fallen arches/flat feet will not be an issue in the long term.

Because of the nature of flat feet, there needs to extra support in the mid area of the sole, and in the heel area.

A tip to ensure that there’s enough mid-shoe support is to see where the shoes start to bend. Grab the shoe, and start to bend the sole upwards.  The shoe should only begin to bend in the toe area, with the mid-sole remaining quite stable. If it is bending from the middle that means it is not offering enough support in the right areas.

The more comfortable and protective the shoes, the more expensive they are likely going to be. It is always good to buy from a well known brand of shoes to ensure higher quality.

Final Words and Recommendation

Having flat feet, heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis, or fallen arches should not stop you from playing basketball. Of course, finding the right shoe is only half the job – but it can play a vital role to minimise the potential for future and ongoing pain.

Here, in this list, we’ve taken a stance that focuses entirely on the overall support and comfort level required for people with feet such as the aforementioned.

Taking into account everything, we simply cannot go past the adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit model – with the synthetic version perfect for outdoor play.

We simply cannot fault the shoes, and ideally, these are shoes you’ll be able to throw into your bag. Our best basketball shoes for flat feet on this list.

If, however, you have a different opinion, or you yourself have flat feet and have found a better way to deal with basketball shoes, please let us know. We’d like to let our readers know!

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