Best Basketball Backpack [Efficiency and Style]

best basketball backpackWhen taking everything into consideration, basketball isn’t a sport that requires a whole heap of equipment.

Usually all you’ll need to start balling is a basketball, some dedicated shoes, maybe a towel, any training gear, and any ankle/knee braces you might wear.

Whilst not on the top of everyone’s list, a basketball backpack with ball compartment could be a life saver ensuring that everything you need can be easily carried to your local basketball court.

As with buying any new product, finding the best basketball backpack will not only save you money in the long run, but ensures that you avoid any potential for buyer’s remorse.

When looking to basketball backpack for players, the best offer great space for shoes, towels, socks and jerseys, and in some cases, will fit a basketball nice and snug.

In this guide, we look through the best basketball backpacks in 2017 that are available in the market. We highlight every possible attribute that may affect your willingness to purchase the product.

Positives, negatives – durability, what the bag can offer, and finding the best value for money is all considered here.

What are the Best Basketball Backpacks?

Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0

5 out of 5 stars
  • Editor's Choice - Has anything you could possibly need in a basketball backpack
  • Looks great, highly durable and comes in a range of colours. Only lacks an extra compartment
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Hard Work Basketball Bag

4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Another great option, this durable bag keeps the basketball in a separate compartment
  • One of the cheapest options in this list
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Diadora Squadra

4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Not designed specifically for basketball - but it works perfectly
  • Separates the basketball from your gear. Heaps of space with a great design
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Keynew Backpack

4 out of 5 stars
  • Innovative bag that not only has a basketball holding mesh, but has a charging port as well
  • Apart from the above, there's nothing that stands out. A good quality backpack nonetheless
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Vasker Drawstring SackPack

4 out of 5 stars
  • Simple, affordable, and the most basic way to carry a basketball
  • Limited space and a basic design - you can expect what you see here
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In Depth

Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0

Made of rugged polyester, the Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Basketball Backpack comes in 10 different shades to match any uniform or leisure attire.

With 3 major ergonomic seams, the design is simple and effective.

Just find what colour suits you.

When looking to overall durability, the bottom of the bag is water resistant for sweaty game wear and accidental spills of water bottle.

Although it seems strange to say, but the slight triangular shape gives heaps of access in several areas for all your needed storage. The Elite Max Air Team 2.0 is very generous in its size and is valuable in its ability to hold more items than just a basketball.

A huge size means that 1 basketball and your high top shoes will fit in nicely, with extra space to spare for any other accessories.

However, there is only one small downside to the bag.

Unlike other backpacks of this ilk, there is no separate compartment for the smellier items necessary to put away, like sneakers or shirts. This can make the whole bag have an odor if not properly addressed, although that’s very much like any sports bag you’ll buy.

A distinct design when compared to most of its competitors, an effort has been made to differentiate it from other backpacks, this backpack has basketball at the forefront of its creation.


  • Awesome design with water resistant insides
  • Space to fit a basketball and shoes
  • Not too expensive all things considered


  • Only one compartment so you can’t separate your shoes from your shorts

Hard Work Sports Basketball Bag

With a meshed ball holder made of rubber and substantial durability from the material used to create the backpack, the Hard Work Sports Basketball Bag is a serious addition to any player’s closet.

You simply cannot ignore this when looking for a basketball backpack.

Arguably the biggest pulling power of the Hard Work Sports Bag is its extremely reasonable price point. One of the cheapest in this field, it is commendable for offering a solid pack on a budget.

The shoulder straps are easily adjustable, and provide a breathable fabric that is not only comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes, but doesn’t feel irritating when you put it on after a hard training session.

A large main chamber is perfect for storing cleats, sneakers, clothing, and just about any other accessory needed for an extended pickup game.

The side pockets are a snug fit for water bottles and the zippered chambers are suitable for keys and phones.

However, from what we’ve gathered, although it’s a big bag, getting both a full size ball and a pair of shoes inside can be an adventure. Both will fit, but it will be tight.

It also has a relatively clean unisex appearance makes it appealing to both men and women, and one size truly fits all. Note that there is a lack of color choices – plain black exterior might not be for everyone.

With a 100% money back guarantee for customers not satisfied with their purchase, it’s really hard to go wrong here.


  • High quality, and yet such an affordable bag
  • Basketball is kept on the outside away from your shoes/shirts
  • Tough, durable and comfortable to wear


  • Not many colour choices
  • Can feel difficult squeezing more than just a basketball and shoes in

Diadora Squadra Basketball Backpack

PVC backing, tough, durable 420 denier nylon, and 12 colours to choose from – these are just some of the few points that scrape the Diadora Squadra Backpack.

Admittedly so, this bag is specifically designed for soccer balls – but don’t look away just because of that.

Irrespective of size, the ball chamber is able to carry a basketball. It’s situated at the front of the bag, and is partially covered and meshed so it is not an eye sore like competing backpacks.

We will note that Size 7 basketballs may stretch the lining over time.

One of the most creative structures in this niche, the Diadora looks like a backpack of the future. The included pockets are deep, being very capable to hold larger items at no trouble.

The shoulder pads are thoroughly padded to feel light and snug over the shoulders, and a shoe tunnel on the side is vented to allow for odours to escape and not foul up the bag.

The buckles on the front are stylish and efficient, and the total construction of the unit would be unmistakable to spot across the gym.

The only downside to it’s design is because it is so wide on someone’s back, it is not the most sensible backpack for children.

Regardless, this basketball bag will offer everything you may possibly want when looking for the best basketball backpack, alongside being one of a kind in its aesthetic.


  • Looks great with a heap of space
  • Basketball is kept separately
  • Made with very durable material with plenty of ventilation


  • Big size so it’s not ideal for younger ballers
  • More ideal with smaller sized balls – such as soccer/volleyball/netball

Keynew Backpack With Basketball Net

An alternative style, and a bag from the future – the Keynew Backpack is so simple yet so effective in this market.

A charging port for USB on the side of the Keynew Backpack is just one of the ways it presents its innovation to the public.

This is the best basketball backpack for players who bring phones and laptops with them to the court.

In particular, the snowflake fabric and technological additions to the Keynew emphasize its fresh, up to date feel.

The structure itself is water resistant and one of the lightest bags on the market; optimal for long periods of time over the shoulders.

Personal items can be safe-housed easily with a hidden pocket built in. The exterior is also scratch resistant making it fight back against damage.

The straps are wide to administer more stability to the wearer, and there is an earhole space to feed earbuds through.

However, if you’re interested in purchasing a backpack are seeking something that looks different than generic bags, the Keynew is not it. Though a sensible solution for bringing athletic gear to a court, or day to day travel, more attention was paid to its add-ons than to its look.

In the alternative, a real bonus is that the mesh where a basketball can be stored has the ability to be removed. This makes the exterior resemble more traditional bags in the event you’re not carrying a basketball around with you.

In saying that, whilst the mesh backing is successful and efficient in what it does, but overall gives the impression it was an afterthought in the unit’s design.

Although it’s not our top pick, it is a good choice nonetheless, and will perform well.


  • Traditional look and feel
  • Mesh works effectively in holding a basketball
  • Has a charging element for the technologically minded


  • Not make with the best material for athletic gear
  • More suited to being a backpack than for holding basketball gear

Vasker Large Drawstring Bag

Though the Vasker Drawstring Sackpack doesn’t have a whole heap of fancy add-ons, its brilliance is in its capacity to do one job very well; hold basketball gear.

It’s also worth noting that the tiny pocket on the inside of the Vasker Sackpack is an intelligent addition for placing valuables like credit cards, cellphones and cash.

Available in 5 different shades, this bag is resistant to water and provides two straps that are delicate on each wearer’s shoulders.

Not everyone needs an expensive backpack for the locker room, and the drawstring design makes it the easiest pack-and-go sack on the market. These strings can also be adjusted for a tighter, more compact feel, if an individual so desires.

The mesh is ventilated so sneaker and clothing odor can dissipate as fast as possible.

The Vasker is recommended for people that just want something serviceable to carry their sporting equipment. It is built with speed in mind and is packed in seconds.

It goes without saying that if players are looking for the absolute best basketball backpack with a multitude of features, they will be disappointed.

The Vasker emphasizes simplicity, but will not house many more items than the bare essentials. A perfect option for those who don’t need much.


  • Simplest way to carry a basketball
  • Small pocket for your personal items
  • Extremely cheap to buy


  • Literally just a simple bag
  • Draw strings aren’t exactly the most comfortable


When looking at everything as a whole, there’s not a whole lot of options when looking to basketball backpacks with ball compartment. Further, there’s not a whole lot of options that will fit a basketball within the bag.

Because of this, there aren’t that many factors that differentiate the various backpacks. It comes down to deciding what best suits your needs.

Accordingly, when deciding what to purchase, it’s important to figure out what style of bag you’re after. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you want your basketball to be packed in a separate compartment?
  • Do you bring shoes, pants, jerseys, towels in your bag as well?
  • How much do you want to pay?
  • How long do you want the bag to last?

With these in mind, it will become a lot easier to find a basketball backpack within your budget.

Final Words and Recommendation

If you’re looking for the best basketball backpack that best suits your exact needs, this list is sure to have exactly what you want.

Understandably, basketball backpacks need to be of higher durability and quality – especially so after a hard practice/game.

For us, although the Vasker Drawstring design is effortless, the most suitable and well rounded backpack is the Nike Hoops Elite Max.

Sensible for a wide range of users both male and female, the Nike Hoops bag is one that keeps the everyday basketball player at the forefront of their thoughts.

It seems specifically designed by athletes for athletes. The Nike Hoops is ready to fully compliment hardcore basketball players.

If, however, you have a different opinion, or have some feedback about the product – please feel free to let us know. Talk to us through our social medias, Contact Us page, or just comment down below.

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